Veteran Disability

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If your service or medical records are incomplete or do not demonstrate the connection between your impairment and your service, your VA disability claim may require additional information to show service connection to your injury or illness. One of the most common supporting materials is a “nexus” letter.

In order to qualify for veterans’ disability benefits, you must be able to show that your current condition or injury began during your military service or was aggravated by what you experienced during that service. In other words, you need to show that there is a “nexus” or connection between what happened in the military and your current medical condition. A nexus letter is written by a doctor, specialist, or expert and provides insight into your injury to confirm its connection to an event or injury that occurred during your military service. Unlike most physicians, Dr. Cook is trained in causation analysis. Dr. Cook can let you know if your case can be supported by a nexus letter, and if so, he can provide one that contains the information needed for your VA claim. If there is information missing from your medical record that keeps your nexus letter from being supported, he can advise you on the shortcomings so that you can better prepare yourself for your VA disability claim, or at least understand why your injury or illness would not be considered service connected.

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Initial Review
  • Submit all records in electronic format (pdf).
  • Cost is $200 for first claimed condition + $100 for each additional condition.