Veteran Disability

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If your service or medical records are incomplete, there may not be a clear connection between your diagnosis and your military service. A "nexus letter" written by a qualified physician may provide the support your VA disability claim needs.

The VA also requires that you have been accurately diagnosed by a physician or medical provider, and that your condition is chronic and current.

You can schedule a consultation to discuss your injury or illness to determine if it is suitable for a nexus letter.

  1. a connection or link between things, persons, or events especially that is or is part of a chain of causation

Get the Support You Need

Unlike most physicians, Dr. Cook is trained in causation analysis. Dr. Cook can let you know if your case can be supported by a nexus letter, and if so, he can provide one that contains the information needed for your VA claim. If there is insufficient information to support a nexus letter, he can explain to you any shortcomings. This information may help you collect the information needed for your VA disability claim, or at least understand why your injury or illness might not be considered service-connected.

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