Occupational Health

Dr. Cook is a board certified occupational medicine physician. He is certified with the NRCME to provide FMCSA Driver Exams. Other occupational health services such as pre-placement examinations, medical surveillance, medical certifications such as the OSHA respirator user. If you are an employer with occupational health needs, please contact us at If you are a driver in need of an FMCSA Driver Exam, schedule directly with us.


Weight Management

Weight management is difficult to succeed at alone. We can provide guidance with accountability. Medications to assist in weight loss are also available if needed. Book an appointment with us.

Veteran Disability

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Cook if you are a veteran in need of a nexus letter, physical exam, or other supporting information for your claim. Every veteran’s needs are different. A physical exam may be necessary if your diagnosis has not been well established. One of the most common supporting materials is a “nexus” letter” because many claims are missing details the VA disability reviewer needs to determine your diagnosis is service connected. Unlike most physicians, Dr. Cook is a veteran, and trained in causation analysis. Having an understanding of military culture and military environments is critical in describing your service connected injury or illness.

Med Fit Consulting, Inc
Med Fit Consulting, Inc

Addiction Medicine

Dr. Cook provides outpatient treatment for substance use disorders, such as opioids and alcohol. Treatment focuses on lifestyle and behavior changes, with medications used as needed to assist in the recovery process. Special services such as Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) assessments for workers who need clearance to return to work after a positive drug test or DUI can schedule an appointment directly. Employers who need Medical Review Officer (MRO) services to validate drug testing should contact us directly at