Alcohol and Drug Recovery

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Dr. Cook provides outpatient treatment for substance use problems. Once safety is established, goals will be developed to improve overall health and function.

We use a comprehensive whole person approach to your treatment and build goals that are consistent with your values. Treatment focuses on lifestyle and behavior changes, with medications used as necessary to assist in the recovery process. Education is essential in recovery, and we will include family or significant others as needed to restore relationships.

Dr. Cook prescribes buprenorphine (Suboxone) for opioid use disorder as indicated. He does not prescribe methadone.

Dr. Cook sees adults, 18 years and older. If alcohol or drug use has been interfering with family and social life, work, health, emotional stability and/or spiritual life, then substance use is a problem. Substance use affects individuals from all walks of life. Tragically, it impacts the family, friends and co-workers of each dependent person. Substance use disorder is a disease that cannot be helped by will power alone.

Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. If you are in crisis or experiencing an emergency, please visit an emergency room or call 911.

Substance Abuse Professional

Medical Review Officer

California Board of Registered Nurses

Dr. Cook is a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) through NAADAC. The SAP is a clinician who evaluates employees who have violated a Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol program regulation and makes recommendations concerning education, treatment, follow-up testing, and aftercare.

If you require an evaluation by a SAP, contact us to schedule an appointment.

Dr. Cook is a certified Medical Review Officer through MROCC, with back up certified MROs available. The MRO is a required component of a workplace drug testing program. The MRO serves as the common point of contact between all participants in a drug test (i.e., the donor, the collector, the test facility (lab), and the employer). The MRO review and verification in the drug testing program prevents an employee from being punished for a positive drug test result in situations where the employee is taking legally prescribed medication. All employees with a positive drug test will be called by the MRO and asked about any medical explanation for a positive drug test result.

Employers can contact us directly if looking for MRO services.

Dr. Cook is approved to provide evaluations for nurses under the Board of Registered Nurses for:

  •  Physical evaluations for chemical dependency and non-chemical dependency cases
  • Mental evaluations for chemical dependency cases
  • Completion of the Psychotropic Drugs form

Contact us to schedule an initial evaluation.